ISRAEL COURT BANS FOUR  WOMEN FROM ENTERING AQSA COMPOUNDISRAELI EXTREMISTS SET FIRE TO CHRISTIAN SEMINARY IN AL QUDSOver 280 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Forces in FebruaryIn Jerusalem, ‘Religious War’ Is Used to Cloak ColonialismSoldiers Kidnap A Palestinian Woman In Al-Aqsa MosqueThe Zionist Evangelical Christian Group “demolishing Al-Aqsa Mosque is coming either with Arabs and Israel Examines Remains Of 134 Palestinians Buried in “Numbers Graveyard”Jewish Organization to Begin Further Excavations under Al Aqsa'Temple Mount' sign hung outside of al Aqsa mosqueActivists Rebuild Jerusalem Gate for Sixth Time in 10 Days
An Israeli court on Thursday banned four Palestinian women from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for periods of between 10 and 60 days, a lawyer said. ... Read more.
Suspected Israeli extremists set fire to a Greek Orthodox seminary in the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday and sprayed hate slogans on the walls, police said. ... Read more.
he report, according to the Palestinian News Network (PNN), showed that a majority of the Palestinians kidnapped, especially women and children, were detained for hours or days before their release. ... Read more.
The escalating clashes between Israeli settlers and Jerusalemite Palestinians are the harbingers of a major eruption with incalculable consequences. Immediately billed as a “religious war” by the media and Israeli right wingers ... Read more.
The attack took place after a number of Israeli fanatics, accompanied by police officers and soldiers, invaded the yards of the mosque, and conducted provocative acts against the Palestinians. ... Read more.
The Second Hebrew Channel published last night a report about what so-called “Evangelical Christian Zionist Group” and highlighted on their support to the Israeli occupation either in the settlement projects ... Read more.
The communication came from the Israeli Military Counselor in Tel Aviv, informing the Committee that Israel started initial examinations of the list provided by the Legal Committee demanding the release of the remains.. ... Read more.
A right-wing Jewish organization called the Western Wall Heritage Foundation has circulated an invitation for bids to conduct excavations in tunnels under al-Aqsa Mosque compound, a top Palestinian official said on Sunday. ... Read more.
The sign, which was placed near the Al-Nather Gate of the compound, was available in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English. ... Read more.
The Popular Resistance activists Thursday announced that they have successfully rebuilt the camp village named “Jerusalem Gate” on the lands of Abu Dies and al –Eizariyah ... Read more.
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