What Palestinians can teach us about popular resistance Published: Thu, 12-April-2018 By: Al-Jazeera The people of Gaza rose up not because of Palestinian political factions, but despite them.
Fears of more violence as Palestinians protest in Gaza Published: Sat, 07-April-2018 By: Al Jazeera Israel attempting to drag unarmed protests near Gaza Strip's eastern border into military escalation, Palestinians say.
B’Tselem report details isolation policies detrimental to detained Palestinian children Published: Fri, 06-April-2018 By: Middle East Monitor Thanks to social media, we have become accustomed to seeing footage of Israeli soldiers terrorising Palestinian families in the middle of the night as they break into their homes to arrest their children.
What next for Gaza after Israel's Land Day massacre? Published: Fri, 06-April-2018 By: Al Jazeera The only window of hope for Gaza, in addition to our own mass mobilisation, lies in the growing BDS campaign.
Scheer's Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Promise Scores Political Points At The Expense Of Peace Published: Thu, 05-April-2018 By: Huffington Post Canada Citizens of the Middle East would be right to question why the status of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) should become an election issue in Canada.
Palestinians Will Not Cease to Demand their Rights Published: Mon, 02-April-2018 By: Middle East Monitor The West has long been enamored with the specter of passive resistance with tens of thousands of unarmed demonstrators facing off against a heavily armed and ruthless force in pursuit of justice.
Palestine Land Day: A day to resist and remember Published: Sun, 01-April-2018 By: Al Jazeera Forty-two years ago today, Israeli police shot and killed six Palestinian citizens of Israel as they were protesting the Israeli government's expropriation of thousands of donums of Palestinian land.
Britain can do much more than express platitudes about the ‘human rights priority’ of Israel’s treat Published: Wed, 28-March-2018 By: Middle East Monitor In the wake of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi being sentenced to eight months in prison by an Israeli court for slapping an Israeli soldier who had entered her home,
Israel’s ‘Jewish nation state’ bill is pushback against Palestinian citizens’ resistance Published: Fri, 23-March-2018 By: Middle East Monitor Last week, a Knesset committee approved a final version of the controversial “Jewish nation state” bill, sending it to the plenum for its three readings before becoming law.
Israel's 'humiliation queue' for East Jerusalem Palestinians Published: Fri, 23-March-2018 By: Middle East Eye The mere mention of the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Wadi al-Joz provokes howls of outrage in any Palestinian.