Press Release by QFM: Stop Israeli Raids at Msjidul-Aqsa Published: Tue, 28-July-2015

On Sunday 26th of July 2015, groups of Zionist settlers, accompanied with the Israeli Agriculture Minister, stormed Masjidul- Aqsa Compound, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces,  to mark the so called the destruction of the Temple Mount. This raid was carried out by more than 300 settlers, surrounded by hundreds of armed-to-the-teeth Zionist soldiers. It came after the Israeli occupation army has taken several measures to ease the process of storming and desecrating Masjid Al- Aqsa.

These measures included.
1- Imposing age restrictions on those who are under the age of 50, to prohibit them from performing their prayers.
2- Erecting and building more barriers and checkpoints to prevent worshipers from reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque.
3- Despite all these restrictions, obstacles and hundreds of military spots, worshipers succeeded at reaching to Masjidul-Aqsa, in a response to calls made by many Islamic foundations. They confronted settlers’ aggression by their weak bodies and bare chests, as they chanted «Allah Akbar», which was met by shooting at and attacking them aggressively, which resulted in 19 injuries, and arresting six people, including women.
Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (QFM) emphasizes the following:
      -     Condemns the horrific crimes against the Islamic sanctities and calls for the immediate end of the assaults.
      -     The Israeli violations and instructions against Masjidul-Aqsa, must stop, or else, they will escalate into
              another major crisis threatening peace and security in the Middle East, if not stopped.
      -     QFM calls for ending the occupation as a key step to solve the region’s crisis.
      -    QFM highly appreciate the great role of our brothers, Murabitin, who try to protect Masjidul-Aqsa from
            Zionist settlers.
      -    QFM thanks all Malaysians brothers and sisters who contributed to «Having a murabit at Alaqsa Campaign». It is worth mentioning that the chance is still open to donate and support Al-Quds and its people in their struggle.

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia
27July 2015