Official warns of escalated settlement activity in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Published: Wed, 14-February-2018

Former minister of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Affairs Hatem Abdulqader on Tuesday condemned the new settlement plan to be implemented in the Mount of Olives in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Israel's ongoing attempts to geographically link settlements in the vicinity of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) together.

In an interview with the PIC, Abdulqader pointed to another settlement project in the holy city called E1 and aimed at annexing Ma'ale Adumim settlement to Al-Quds (Jerusalem) through the displacement of Bedouin communities southeast of the city.

Abdulqader explained that the Israeli plan to link settlements together entails the isolation of some Arab neighborhoods such as Shu'fat, Ras Khamis, Ras Shehadeh, Samiramis and Kafr Aqab from Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Nearly one-third of Al-Quds's (Jerusalem's) residents live in these neighborhoods and they have blue (Israeli) IDs.

The Palestinian official affirmed that this project is aimed at altering the status quo in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) with the number of Palestinians in the city not exceeding 20% of the total population.

He held the US administration, who has recently recognized Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel, responsible for the escalated settlement activity in the city.

Abdulqader called on the Palestinian Authority to make all necessary measures to confront this Israeli scheme which not only isolates Al-Quds (Jerusalem) from Palestinian cities but also separates the West Bank's northern part from its southern one.

Source: Palestinian Information Center