Report: IOA razed three homes last month in Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Published: Fri, 06-October-2017

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) demolished last September three Palestinian homes and issued demolition orders against 29 others in east Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

This came in a report released on Wednesday by al-Quds International Institution, covering some of Israel’s violations in the holy city during September.

According to the report, the IOA photographed 15 homes in the Issawiya district of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) with the aim of demolishing them later and knocked down part of al-Shuhada cemetery’s wall near Bab al-Asbat area in the Old City.

The IOA also ordered a Jerusalemite citizen called Tawfiq al-Ghizzawi to pay 122,000 shekels (around 40,000 US dollars) in expenses for the destruction of his home and the security forces that were deployed around the house during the demolition in April 18, 2014.

The Israeli police, for their part, arrested 80 Palestinian citizens from Al-Quds (Jerusalem), including three pro-Aqsa female activists and 11 children under age 18, the report affirmed.

16-year-old Mohamed Obeidat, from Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), was also sentenced by an Israeli court to 18 years in jail.

As for Israel’s settlement construction in the holy city, the IOA approved last month a plan to build 4,500 housing units for settlers on the lands of the depopulated Walaja village in southern Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

During the reporting month, a new neighborhood for settlers, consisting of 3,000 housing units, was also approved for construction to the southeast of the illegal Gilo settlement in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), and another 173 housing units were sanctioned in Jabel Mukaber neighborhood.

Moreover, the IOA approved the establishment of a network of tunnels to connect the settlements of east Al-Quds (Jerusalem) with the ones in the west and facilitate the travel of settlers to the Old City.

The month also saw Israel’s decision to annex four Palestinian villages in Ramallah to Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Source: Palestinian Information Center