Al-Bayariq March Projects Published: Sat, 05-April-2014

Al-Bayariq March Projects
(Carrying Muslim Worshipers to Masjidul-Aqsa)

Facilitating buses for the Palestinian worshipers to Masjidul-aqsa all the year round.
The importance of Masjidul-aqsa is well known to all Muslims. It is the first Qiblah, the second Masjid after Masjidul-hram to be built on earth and the third Masjid that Muslims are allowed to travel to. Allah (SWT) mentioned it in the Holy Qura’n in Suratul-israa’ and the Prophet (PHUH) said: “Visit it and pray in it for a prayer in it equals one thousand prayer in other masjids”. This holiness and great position made the hearts of Muslims yearn to be close to it and to pray in it. As it is reported in other Hadith, who ever cannot visit Masjidul-aqsa could send oil for the light its lamps.
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