Press Conference - Rally Published: Sun, 18-October-2015

The Israeli occupation started Judaizing al-Quds/Jerusalem once they took control of the holy city in 1967. Their attempts to harm Christian and Muslim holy places including Masjidul-Aqsa never stopped. Currently, al-Aqsa is facing unprecedented onslaught, reflected in continuous intrusions by military and civilian Israeli, and a call by the Israeli parliament and cabinet to share the mosque with Muslims. For the first time since 1967, the holy mosque was yesterday closed in front of Muslim worshippers, the situation that require an immediate action to counter the Israeli aggression, immediately.



•    To inform Malaysians about the current critical situation in al-Quds and the tragedy of             Masjidul-Aqsa.

•    To raise financial support to the steadfastness of Muslims in al-Quds.

•    To mount more pressure on the Israel to halt its aggression on our holy placed, immediately.