Palestinians in Kufr Aqab: 'We live here just to wait' Published: Mon, 08-January-2018 By: Al Jazeera Construction never ends in Kufr Aqab. Cranes and bulldozers are perpetually growling, sifting through concrete and dirt to make room for thousands of Palestinians moving into this densely populated Al-Quds (Jerusalem) neighborhood.
The master artist preserving Al-Quds's (Jerusalem's) history Published: Thu, 04-January-2018 By: Aljazeera In his small and cramped studio, Shehab Kawasmi moves carefully around piles of centuries-old photographs, stacks of drawings and thick books.
How Israel is 'cleansing' Palestinians from Greater Jewish Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Published: Thu, 23-November-2017 By: Middle East Eye Measures aim to annex settlements to city and turn Palestinian areas into a no man’s land, warn rights groups
Shaikh Raed Salah stands between Israel and Al-Aqsa Mosque, so he is kept in custody Published: Mon, 20-November-2017 By: Middle East Moniter On 15 August, the Israeli occupation police raided Umm Al-Fahm, the second largest Arab city in Israel, broke into the house of Shaikh Raed Salah and detained him for questioning
The story behind the picture, as told by Khadija Khouis Published: Sun, 19-November-2017 By: Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia The story behind the picture, as told by Khadija Khouis
Legalising the annexation of Jerusalem Published: Wed, 08-November-2017 By: Aljazeera In late October, the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation was set to vote on the "Greater Jerusalem" Bill.
Israel's Greater Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Bill: Settlers in, Palestinians out Published: Mon, 06-November-2017 By: Palestinian Information Center In recent months, the security and humanitarian situation in Palestine has deteriorated considerably.
‘Britain is responsible for my tragedy’ Published: Thu, 02-November-2017 By: Middle East Moniter “My mother told me that my uncle was killed in an attack carried out by armed Jewish groups near Haifa just two years before I was born,” Abdul-Hamid Ramadan Al-Aloul, who was born in 1936, tells MEMO.
The Palestinian response to Israeli violence is remarkably restrained Published: Mon, 11-September-2017 By: Middle East Moniter I read something last week which looked very familiar; Myanmar state violence against the Rohingya people was said to be a “response” to an attack on police officers by a small group of “renegades”.
Who will stop the Israeli settlements? Published: Mon, 11-September-2017 By: Middle East Moniter The Palestinian reaction to the decision of the Israeli defence minister to grant 800 settlers in the centre of Hebron independence from the municipality of Hebron was weak and did not match the action taken by the Israelis.