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Between the cave of Thailand and Gaza’s Published: Fri, 13-July-2018 By: Middle East Monitor The world finally breathed a sigh of relief following the success of the divers in northern Thailand in rescuing the 12 children and their coach after 17 days trapped in a flooded cave.
The US Embassy move to Al-Quds (Jerusalem): the need for a response from the international community Published: Tue, 05-June-2018 By: Middle East Monitor In a recent meeting at the UN Security Council that took place on 15 May, 24 hours after the US official opened its embassy in Al-Quds (Jerusalem),
While Razan lost her life, Nikki Haley lost her humanity Published: Mon, 04-June-2018 By: Middle East Monitor Last Friday, 1 June, a Palestinian volunteer medic, Razan Al Najar, was fasting and tending to the wounded at Gaza’s artificial fence with Israel.
Palestine after the May 14 massacre Published: Wed, 23-May-2018 By: Al-Jazeera History will remember the Great March of Return as a bold and brilliant move that defeated Israeli aggression.
Trump is king of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) with Palestinian blood on his hands Published: Sun, 20-May-2018 By: South China Morning Post Donald Trump has to be the most popular US president in history. In Israel, that is.
Why I marched on May 14 in Gaza near the Israeli fence Published: Thu, 17-May-2018 By: Al-Jazeera I have been going to the Great March of Return in Gaza two to three times a week, ever since it started on March 30.
Trump’s Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Embassy Ceremony Was One Big Dog Whistle Published: Wed, 16-May-2018 By: HuffPost At the opening ceremony for the U.S. embassy in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Monday, as Israeli soldiers shot at Palestinian protesters, killing 60 and wounding 2,400,
What I saw in Jerusalem Published: Sun, 13-May-2018 By: Al-Jazeera Of all the places I wanted to visit, Palestine has always been at the top of the list. So when I got an opportunity to go there on a reporting assignment, I was very nervous.
The new Palestinian and the hope of return Published: Fri, 04-May-2018 By: Middle East Monitor The first generation that witnessed the Nakba in 1948 shouldered the burden of return for many years.
What Palestinians can teach us about popular resistance Published: Thu, 12-April-2018 By: Al-Jazeera The people of Gaza rose up not because of Palestinian political factions, but despite them.