Palestine after the May 14 massacre Published: Wed, 23-May-2018 By: Al-Jazeera History will remember the Great March of Return as a bold and brilliant move that defeated Israeli aggression.
Trump is king of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) with Palestinian blood on his hands Published: Sun, 20-May-2018 By: South China Morning Post Donald Trump has to be the most popular US president in history. In Israel, that is.
Why I marched on May 14 in Gaza near the Israeli fence Published: Thu, 17-May-2018 By: Al-Jazeera I have been going to the Great March of Return in Gaza two to three times a week, ever since it started on March 30.
Trump’s Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Embassy Ceremony Was One Big Dog Whistle Published: Wed, 16-May-2018 By: HuffPost At the opening ceremony for the U.S. embassy in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Monday, as Israeli soldiers shot at Palestinian protesters, killing 60 and wounding 2,400,
What I saw in Jerusalem Published: Sun, 13-May-2018 By: Al-Jazeera Of all the places I wanted to visit, Palestine has always been at the top of the list. So when I got an opportunity to go there on a reporting assignment, I was very nervous.
The new Palestinian and the hope of return Published: Fri, 04-May-2018 By: Middle East Monitor The first generation that witnessed the Nakba in 1948 shouldered the burden of return for many years.
What Palestinians can teach us about popular resistance Published: Thu, 12-April-2018 By: Al-Jazeera The people of Gaza rose up not because of Palestinian political factions, but despite them.
Fears of more violence as Palestinians protest in Gaza Published: Sat, 07-April-2018 By: Al Jazeera Israel attempting to drag unarmed protests near Gaza Strip's eastern border into military escalation, Palestinians say.
B’Tselem report details isolation policies detrimental to detained Palestinian children Published: Fri, 06-April-2018 By: Middle East Monitor Thanks to social media, we have become accustomed to seeing footage of Israeli soldiers terrorising Palestinian families in the middle of the night as they break into their homes to arrest their children.
What next for Gaza after Israel's Land Day massacre? Published: Fri, 06-April-2018 By: Al Jazeera The only window of hope for Gaza, in addition to our own mass mobilisation, lies in the growing BDS campaign.