Tafakgi calls for National Strategy to protect the Identity and Arabism of Jerusalem Published: Mon, 09-February-2015

Anyone looks at the streets, neighborhoods and entrances of Jerusalem city will notice clearly the changes inside the city because of the Judaization projects in the buildings, streets, villages, mountains and between valleys.
Since the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, the occupation government didn’t stop its plans to change and remove the Arab and Islamic nature inside Jerusalem using all ways and means. All that was for one aim, to make Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish State for all Jews all over the world.
The Head of planning department at “Beit AlSharq Association” Khalil Tafakgi said to the reporter of the “Palestinian Center for Media” that “Jerusalem city is considered as the capital of the Jewish state for the Jews, not Jews who are living inside Palestine but also Jews who are outside of Palestine and all over the world. And for this reason, the occupation government targeted Jerusalem city since the year 1948 in the east and the west in order to reach to their strategic goals”.
Tafakgi added “in 1967, the occupation government started the first operation of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem through destroyed and removed AlSharaf neighborhood next to AlMaghareba Gate. After that, this government started a new policy through seizing the Palestinian lands to build the settlements. In 1972, the Israeli occupation government headed by “Golda Meir” decided to form “Gevi Committee” which ordered to make the percentage of Arabs inside the Jerusalem municipality 22% of the total population in that area”.
“To implement Gevi’s Committee orders, the occupation government seized more than 35% of the Palestinian lands eastern Jerusalem, then, they imposed the building regulations. The Israeli government opened a new streets and settlements and the total of settlements at that time was 15 settlements for more than 200,000 settlers. Since the year 1967 till now, the Israeli occupation controlled more than 87% of eastern Jerusalem” Tafakgi continued.
Tafakgi mentioned that the Israeli policy towards Jerusalem not only geographical but also on population through implementing the policy of withdraw the IDs and demolish houses. Also, the apartheid wall plays a main role in displacement of more than 120,000 Jerusalemites who now are living behind the wall area.
Tafakgi added “the most dangerous plans of the Israeli government towards Jerusalem city was the plan in 2000 which was prepared by the former Premier of the occupation government “Ehud Olmert” in the year 1994 which seeks to change the demographical map of people in Jerusalem in the year 2020. According to that plan, Jerusalem city will be a Jewish majority, 88%, and Arab minority, 12%, and to do that, they are building a new 85,000 settlements, a new roads and streets, a new factories, a new tunnels and bridges. The Israeli plan to assure that Jerusalem city is the head and the heart of the Jews all over the world and to reach to the strategic goal which is to decrease the number of Arabs in the holy city”.
The Palestinian Center for Media, 29-1-2015


Source: The Palestinian Center for Media, 29-1-2015