Palestine hails choosing Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) “capital of Arab tourism” Published: Mon, 16-April-2018

The Palestinian ministry of tourism has said that choosing Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Arab tourism for 2018 confirms the Arab identity of the holy city and provide further impetus for the Palestinian people to continue their steadfastness. 

The Arab Tourism Organization announced last Friday its decision to name Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as “the Capital of Arab Tourism” for 2018, based on a proposal made the organization during the meetings of the Arab ministerial council for tourism that were held in December 2017.  

Head of the organization Bandar al-Fuhaid said that such designation for Al-Quds (Jerusalem) reflected the interest of the organization and the ministerial council in highlighting the historical and religious status of the holy city, consolidating its place in the Arab memory, and attaching the Arab citizen to it.

Source: Palestinian Information Center