Egypt: Israel will target Hamas leaders if Gaza security situation worsens Published: Wed, 16-May-2018
Photo: Fatah and Hamas leaders at a recent reconciliation meeting in Gaza [File photo]

Israel will assassinate Hamas’ leaders if the security situation on its border with Gaza continues to deteriorate, Egypt warned on Sunday.

Delivering a message from Israeli authorities, Egypt’s intelligence agency warned Hamas’ leaders that any deterioration in the situation on the Gaza border could lead to its leaders being targeted.

Sources said that Egyptian authorities received several messages from Israel urging the former to intervene promptly to deter Hamas and other Palestinian factions from intensifying protests along the Gaza-Israel border.

Nearly 60 Palestinians were killed by occupation forces yesterday as they demonstrated near the border. As a result of Israel’s heavy-handed response to the unarmed protesters, South Africa and Turkey recalled their envoys to Israel.

Source: Middle East Monitor