Slovakia denies reports about moving embassy to Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Published: Sun, 08-July-2018

The Republic of Slovakia has denied Israeli media reports about plans to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Quds Press reported on Friday.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry and published on the embassy’s website, Slovakia denied the reports that Andrej Danko, the head of the Slovakian National Council, announced plans to relocate his country’s embassy. It insisted that Danko, who has been on an official visit to Israel, did not speak about this issue with his hosts.

The ministry reaffirmed Slovakia’s position, which is in line with the EU regarding the status of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Conflict about the holy city, it insisted, must be resolved through negotiations that lead to it becoming the capital of two states. The Slovakian ministry rejected any unilateral moves to do otherwise.

Source: Middle East Monitor