Israel air strikes kill 3 including pregnant mother, toddler in Gaza Published: Fri, 10-August-2018
Photo: 18-month-old toddler who was killed by the air strike carried out by Israel in Gaza

Three Palestinians were killed and many others severely injured predawn today as a result of Israeli air strikes carried out over the besieged Gaza Strip.

The spokesperson of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, Ashraf Al-Qadra, confirmed that among those killed was a 23-year-old pregnant mother along with her 18-month-old toddler.

The ministry identified the mother as Inas Muhammad Khamash and her daughter as Bayan Khamash.

The ministry added that Inas’ husband, Muhammad Khamash, suffered moderate to serious injuries when Israeli warplanes struck the Jaafari area of central Gaza.

Al-Qadra announced that in the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli air strikes killed a third Palestinian, who was identified as 20-year-old Ali Al-Ghandour.

Twelve Palestinians were transferred to hospitals as a result of injuries sustained during the strikes, two were in a critical condition.

Sources confirmed that the Strip suffered serious material damage.

According to an Israeli army spokesperson, Israeli warplanes targeted and bombed about 140 locations in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Source: Middle East Monitor