Mass vigil to be staged at Aqsa Mosque over simmering Israeli assaults Published: Fri, 14-September-2018

The Supreme Islamic Commission in occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) called on the Palestinians to join a mass-vigil at al-Aqsa Mosque on Saturday to protest Israel’s sacrilegious schemes against the holy site.

The commission warned in a Thursday statement against Israel’s increasing break-ins at al-Aqsa which it said will reach a peak on September 19.

“Facts on the ground prove that the Israeli government seeks to alter the defacto situation by boosting settler break-ins at the site”, it said.

“The Aqsa Mosque has and will forever remain Muslims’ exclusive property”, the commission stated, holding the Israeli occupation responsible for the upshots of its sacrilegious assaults at the site and urging the international community to work on halting such aggressions. 

Source: Palestinian Information Center