Scores of settlers, one MK defile Aqsa Mosque Published: Fri, 09-November-2018

Over 200 Jewish settlers and one Knesset member on Thursday morning desecrated the Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards under police escort.

Sources from the Islamic Waqf Authority in Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) said that the Israeli police allowed about 207 settlers to enter the Mosque, tour its courtyards and perform rituals.

124 of those settlers were students of religious institutions and Hebrew universities. Knesset member Shuli Mualem was also among a group of settlers who defiled the Islamic holy site in the morning.

More settlers are expected to desecrate the Mosque in the afternoon after the Israeli police announced its intent to allow another round of tours for Jews after Muslim worshipers finish their noon prayers.

In a related context, Palestinian minister of religious affairs Yousef Ad’eis has warned that the Aqsa Mosque could be exposed to a wave of desecration by Israeli officials and lawmakers.

Ad’eis pointed to the gravity of growing calls by Israeli right-wing politicians to end the Jordanian custodianship over Al-Quds (Jerusalem) holy sites and the escalation of their break-in at the Aqsa Mosque.

Recently, the Israeli police allowed members of the Knesset to desecrate the Aqsa Mosque once every month instead of once every three months.

Source: Palestinian Information Center