Israeli municipality orders Jerusalemite family to leave home Published: Sun, 23-December-2018

The Israeli municipality in Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Saturday ordered a Palestinian family in Silwan district, east of the holy city, to evacuate their home after a considerable part of the wall surrounding the house collapsed.

According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan, the Abu Armila family woke up to the collapse of the outside wall on Friday, which could pose a serious risk to the family.

A member of the family told the Center that the collapse happened after Jewish settlers, who had seized a piece of land next to the family's house, embarked on carrying out construction activities weeks ago to build a playfield for themselves.

He added that settlers left mounds of dirt and rocks by the four-meter wall surrounding Mufid Abu Armila’s house, which led to its collapse.

Following the incident, the Israeli municipality sent an engineer to examine and assess the damage and submit a report in this regard to it.

The engineer said that other collapses could happen and urged the municipality to order the evacuation of the house and immediately seal it.

However, such measure would lead to the displacement of the family, which is composed of seven members.

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) had started digging activities under the neighborhood in 2007, but secret Israeli excavations and archaeological digs have been taking place for decades under the Old City of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and its environs, where several underground tunnels were built as part of Judaization projects in the city. 

Such Israeli construction activities under the neighborhoods of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) already led to many land cave-ins and caused damage to many Palestinian homes.

Source: Palestinian Information Center