France, Germany urge ‘restraint’ and lifting of Gaza blockade Published: Fri, 10-August-2018

French Foreign Ministry issued on Thursday a statement calling for a lasting political solution to the Gaza Strip.

“France deplores the escalation of violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. It condemns the firing of rockets toward Israel and would like restraint to prevail and the ceasefire to be upheld by all parties in order to prevent further civilian casualties,” the statement says.

“These incidents underscore the urgent need to work toward finding a lasting political solution for Gaza and to respond effectively to the humanitarian crisis affecting the Palestinian population.”

It also calls for a lifting of the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

“This notably requires the lifting of the blockade, on the one hand – while respecting Israel’s security concerns – and the achievement of inter-Palestinian reconciliation and the full return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza, on the other.”

“France, in collaboration with its European partners, will remain fully mobilized to support efforts to that end.”

For its part, the German Foreign Ministry expressed its deep concern over the recent escalation in Gaza Strip.

The Ministry also declared its total support to the ongoing efforts made to reach a solution for the current crisis in the besieged Strip and to prevent further deterioration.

Earlier Wednesday, Israel has escalated its aerial attacks on Gaza, killing three Palestinians including a woman and her 18-month-old baby.

Efforts continued on Thursday to contain the tension in Gaza and prevent a break of a new war.

Source: Palestinian Information Center