Israel deploys army to Khan Al-Ahmar Published: Fri, 12-October-2018
Photo: Israeli forces aim at Palestinian protesters during a rally in support of the Khan Al-Ahmar 2 October 2018 [İssam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]

Israeli occupation authorities were deployed in large numbers around the Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar yesterday, reported.

Local sources said that more than 30 battalions were deployed at the gates and roads leading to the Palestinian village which has been slated for demolition.

According to sources, the leadership of the Israeli civil administration, the Israeli body which administers the occupied territories, were seen on a nearby hilltop with maps in their hands.

Supporters, including foreigners, have been gathering in the village in solidarity with its residents for 114 days. They reject the Israeli order to demolish it.

Source: Middle East Monitor