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Background and Establishment

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established collaboration relationship with international organization Al-Quds International Institution (QII) in an effort to preserve and defend the sanctity of al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) from the invasion and aggression of Zionist Israeli occupation. 

These issues began after Israel-Palestinian peace talks turned to dead end mainly on the status of the capital city - al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland. The situation worsened with Ariel Sharon actions that breaking into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the year 2000, escorted by Israeli Zionist armed forces. This invasion has caused the al-Aqsa Intifada (Palestinian uprising) on 28 September 2000 the second time after the first Intifada in 1987.

On October 21 the same year, the Third National Islamic Conference has been arranged in Beirut to gain the support of Islamic World to protect al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem. Then, Al-Quds International Institution (QII) was established on January 28, 2001 consequences from the conference. This organization co-founded the scholars, leaders, intellectuals, diplomats and activists from 46 countries and patronized by the respected scholar in the Muslim world, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi (as Chairman of the Council of Trustees).

The efforts to establish an organization for the same goal in Malaysia back dates to 2010 where a committee was formed to fulfill the mission. Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (QFM) was established in Malaysia for this purpose as an organization is legitimate according to the principles of law in this country. QFM serve to consolidate all efforts to reach out to Jerusalem and Palestine. QFM Committee involves political parties (government and opposition) and relevant NGOs.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Datuk Mukhriz bin Tun Dr Mahathir (UMNO), Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi bin Awang (PAS president) as Vice Chairman and Dr. Mohd Parid one Sheikh Ahmad (President of IKRAM) as Vice-Chairman 2. The Board is formed from 9 members, chaired by Nasharuddin bin Mat Isa (PAS) and Makram Mohammad (Managing Director). Among the members of the Board of Trustees are Dr. Syed Azman Syed Ahmad (PAS), Datuk Reezal Merican (UMNO), Dr. Muhammad Manuty (PKR), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (Academician), Hj. Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid (MAPIM), Dr. Zulaiha Ismail (PGPF), Wan Wan Salleh Subki (IKRAM), Dr. Abdullah Sudin Abdul Rahman (Haluan), Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus (Aqsa Sharif), Abdullah Zaik (Aman Palestine) and several other names.

After two years of efforts involving various initiatives, then on June 18, 2012, Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (QFM) was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd Yassin held at the Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya 

With the establishment of the Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia, the effort contributed to Jerusalem will be moved systematically with the aim of defending the purity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine. It is hoped that Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia will be a platform that unites the efforts of Malaysians struggle to Masjid al-Aqsa and Palestine as a whole.

Our Values

Openness, Cooperation, Transparency, and Honesty


Effort & Work

To achieve these goals, several measures will be implemented. Among which are: 

  1. Fund-raising and endowment to finance development projects and welfare of the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
  2. Scholarly publishing, analysis, academic and research background information on the issue of al-Quds and Palestine continued since the past, present and future.
  3. Organizing forums, workshops and training courses for various target groups such as the public, students, youth, civil society, journalists, politicians, academics and others. 

Projects & Programs


The (Q.F.M) takes on its behalf the development and execution of carefully tailored projects and programmes inside Al-Quds. In this, the Institution considers the following guidelines:

  1. The programs are adopted following methodical study, in coordination with many agencies and institutions inside Al-Quds.
  2. Consideration is given to ensure coverage of various sectors inside Jerusalem, where the projects are classified according to the targeted sectors in the following categories: preserving the holy sites; supporting the education sector; supporting the sustainable social and human development; preserving the environment and agricultural properties; supporting the health sector; promoting cultural Jerusalemite events and supporting it, inside and outside the city; ensuring proper coverage of the issues, concerns and suffering of Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites in the media and in public.
  3. Under this item also falls the organization of international campaigns on the issue of Jerusalem, the establishment of civil coalitions and professional committees dedicated for the service of Al-Quds, along with the establishment of charity funds and Islamic Waqf to preserve the Islamic identity and presence in the city.

Strategic Goals

1. Popularizing the culture of Jerusalem in Malaysia

2. Working with Malaysian individuals and entities to Malaysian right to Jerusalem

3. Direct support towards Jerusalem

4. Finding a constant source of funding for Jerusalem (trust fund or Waqaf).


Our Message 

 We are an NGO whose purpose is to inform the Malaysian people of the issue of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and gathering their moral and material support through awareness and training programs.


Branches & Delegates 

 Yayasan al-Quds Malaysia (Q.F.M) represents an integral fabric, working for al-Quds at global level which cunrrently inclueds, ten branches in (alphabetically listed): Algeria, Comoros, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Kuwait, Malaysia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen; besides being represented in some other Arab and Islamic countries through delegates and partnership and cooperation agreements